Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013

Happy New Year!!!
I had a pretty uneventful day. Finished it off with church. :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wow, I can not believe that 2012 is almost over! I can not believe that we have officially marked off one full year here on Okinawa either. As we were asked to give testimonies around the room about what God had done for us this year this morning at prayer, I was mesmerized by them. It was really amazing to hear what God has been doing in, through and around everyone at our church.

This year has really had it's ups and downs for us as a family. The awesome thing is that we serve a big God who is ready and willing to do anything we ask of Him. I know I have been personally smashed, shoved and stretched. I started out completely numb when we got here then progressed through the anger, depression and a myriad of other emotions. Trust me, not everyone is cut out for this military life and I am still wondering what the heck were were thinking doing this at our age, lol. My mil spouse friends who have been doing this for years are officially my heroes! I still don't know how they do it. The not knowing every two years or so where you will be, moving the kids around, getting the house ready to be packed, unpacking everything and getting it settled, etc. 
Keith and I were talking the other day and discussing our "purpose" for being here. Nothing has turned out quite like we had planned or envisioned. Oh and did I mention we still have another two years here on the island? Thankfully, everything turned out how God planned it! :) God has really blessed me with an amazing group of friends and acquaintances.  We have great neighbors here in our little "cove"/street/hill/neck-o-the-woods, whatever you want to call it. We have a wonderful church family full of great people who will give you the shirt off their back if you need it and Pastors who jump at the chance to love on us.
I am thankful for growing pains. Even though, God has pushed me out of my comfort zone, I know I will come out better for it in the end. I am thankful that God is our Jehovah-Jireh, our faithful provider. When I think that there will never be an end to this debt that has to be paid off, God shows up and says here is a bigger number in your check book! 
Part of me is terrified about what 2013 is going to bring as this will be another year of big decisions in our lives, but at the same time I am a little excited. I know God has big plans, I just hope I am open and receptive to what the year brings. 
In the mean time, like Pastor Chris said this morning, I am going to get off my rear and be an active duty Christian instead of the reservist!
May you all have a happy and blessed 2013.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


This morning during prayer Ms. Carol, was talking about God knowing the desires of our hearts and wanting to bless us with them.
Why as Christian people are we afraid to ask for specific things? At least I know I am. Is it because we may get the answer we are looking for then actually have to act on that thing? Is it because He may have a different plan for us and we may not like the answer we receive? So many times we think we want something but we are not sure we really want it, or are terrified to move forward with something. Thankfully God knows whether or not it is for our benefit or not and the timing in which it should happen.
I am thankful for a loving God who knows the desires of our heart and wants to give them to us. Even the little things.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have So much to be thankful for. I can not believe we have been here in Okinawa a year already. Time sure does fly. God is good because even as much as I miss home I am finding more and more things that I like about this island.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our first Typhoon!

We survived typhoon Bolaven over the weekend. All in all it wasn't a bad experience, especially since we had no idea what was going to happen. Just like the hurricanes state side these things change almost constantly.
Well then we have a couple more, and Jelewat was the kick in the pants. Although we are very grateful that is was not worse!

Happy August!!

Well with August comes the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year! Ya know the time of year when you are torn between wanting the kids out of the house for a few hours and not wanting your bumming around buddies to leave you??? :) 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blessed beyond measure

As I have been reflecting this morning, i can't help but go back to last night's worship rehearsal. We have this local man who comes in to watch the praise team rehearse almost every week. I think it is pretty awesome that he seeks out opportunities. Last night as we were doing our devotional we got to pray with him. He doesn't speak any English but our friend who speaks Japanese invited him to come over and she translated. Y'all know me and as it was my turn to pray, I not only had to clean up my Southern accent to Terumi could understand me, I also had to make an effort to be more deliberate and slow down my speech. At first I thought Lord, I can't do this. God is so faithful I calmed down and was able to get out concisely what I wanted to say. Although the best part was getting to pray for him.
How amazing is that?? Sadly in the states so many churches are robbed or worried about being broken into during services that they have become leery of letting people just wander in.
Yet here we are living in a foreign country surrounded by people who can barely understand a word we are saying, or in this case singing, and someone wanders in off the street just to be in the presence of our great God.
What a blessing to witness that kind of hunger?
Lord, let me hunger for more of you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

wow it's been a while!!!

Since I last posted we have been through spring break and Easter!! My how time flies!! And now the end of the school year for the kids is closing in! I am so proud of Jacob and Christina. They have done very well and Jacob has made the honor roll two out of these three semesters here! He got invited to the NJHS! I don't think he went to the meeting though, grrr! That is ok, once he hits high school!!! He also got an invitation to take a high school level algebra class next year in 7th grade. What an amazing honor, but we really don't want to stress him out. Maybe 8th grade, if he feels he is up to the challenge. May is a busy month. I just have to figure out what to do when school gets out in June to keep us busy. Hopefully we can hang out with some friends at the beach or pool. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

*warning* a bit sad

I actually got to join my friend, Troy for his weekly broadcast on YouServed radio this morning.  A luxury I have not been afforded in a very long time. Wow, what a show. It was a bit heart wrenching but well worth the listen. Today's guest was Daniel Gade who has a long list of credentials that I can not remember off of the top of my head now, one of which included him having something to do with West Point.  Anyway, he as started a book project. He is gathering letters from widows, widowers and even some vets that were written when they deployed. He read a couple on air and they were powerful! And yes I was crying. This is a link to his blog "In the Event of My Death"  

I know this isn't a pleasant subject but how amazing to share these thoughts. The crazy thing is what actually stuck with me after the interview was over. The hosts were sharing their stories about writing their own letters and what they usually did with them after the deployment was over and they were safely at home. A friend of theirs called in at the end and brought up a great point. How much of this beautiful poetic stuff do we share with out loved ones while we are actually together? If we don't say it, then why not? I guess I just needed to get that out of my head. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Manic Monday

As hard as I fought it off, Monday showed up anyway! :(
We had a good quiet weekend. Watched a couple of movies, played around at the BX, did a  little yard work. Oh and went out to eat Friday night at a place in town. Yes, I am not nearly as terrified to venture out in town now. I still get nervous going outside of my comfort zone, but hey I'll get use to it eventually! It was fun and the food was yummy! Keith has really been practicing his Japanese. I can say hello, yes, no and thank you. That is about it. 
Looks like I have a busy week ahead! YAY! Love it!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


So after watching Hugo last night I got to thinking. I know, that can be dangerous some times with me. 
With all the new age junk that Hollywood is spewing these days, at least most of the movies directed toward kids have a good message. I think it is important for we parents to talk to our kids about these concepts as well. 
In the beginning I thought the movie was kind of stupid, but as it began to unfold I could see where the Authors/Directors were going with the story line. The main character in the movie is trying to figure out if his life has a purpose. Aren't we all floundering around with that concept? I know as a parent, I am constantly urging my children toward what seems to be a natural niche for them. I'm 44 and some days I still wonder what God has planned for me. Am I doing the right thing? Is this really where I am suppose to be??? I suppose what I am saying is that is the cool thing about being a Christian and trying your best to listen and be open to the wonderful adventures God throws your way. Are they always easy???? NO! Of course not, look at our lives as a military family, we go from duty station to duty station, starting over making new friends, then leaving them all behind and starting over at the next one. My theme for the new year has seemed to be grow where you're planted. I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed me an opportunity to do so recently. 
Have a blessed weekend all!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God is just cool like that!

Ya know, my heart has always been in Women's Ministries, but over the last 10 yrs or so, God has steered me into kids' ministry. It's kind of cool to look back and see the people and  opportunities that God placed in my life to help me grow. Gotta love how God gets us out of our comfort zone, so we can be blessed!

Monday, February 27, 2012

ok, so I'm dwindling down to once a week now.....

Well, our weekend was slow, with yucky weather and a sick child. All of which are not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Christina was sick with a fever, apparently some kind of viral thing. She had a horrible headache Sat afternoon which worried me. Of course a few hours later and she spikes a fever. Go figure. So, she and I spent Sunday and today at home. Man, I hated missing church too. She is all better now. Running around like a crazy person tonight. I'm thinking she has cabin fever. I don't blame her, I do too. Even though we got out today. I took her to get a strep test done. It still cracks me up that the military doesn't have a quick strep test, you have to wait a week. Although, I guess in their eyes it's a waste of money since you'll have to do the week long culture to double check anyway. *shrugs* What do I know anyway, right?? ha ha  We're assuming it will be negative since she hasn't shown any symptoms. I just can't wait until our new PCM sees her tonsils! I loved watching the residents at Lackland. They always cracked me up. I started out warning them, the it became a game to see what kind of reaction they would have to seeing how huge they actually are. :) I know I'm bad right???? I can't help it, it's that medical professional sense of humor. We're just twisted.
So, we spent the weekend watching it rain and watching movies and playing games. Christina bought a Mancala game with some of her Christmas/Birthday money. It is actually quite addicting! 
it's just another manic Monday! :)
Have a good week all!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

another year older

Wow, I can't believe I really am another year older. Almost half way through my 40's. What happened??? Where did the time go? My first overseas birthday even! :) Keith and the kids got me cards and a new purse. I got over 100 happy birthday wishes on facebook! How crazy it is that????  I am so blessed to have so many friends from all over. Crazy thing is, we really haven't lived that many places yet!!
We spent the long Presidents Day weekend hanging out and ended up taking the kids to Round 1, which was a blast!! It was so much nicer when there weren't a lot of people there, like on a Sat.
I am pretty impressed at the work we got done at the church too!! I am enjoying getting to know my new friends.
Speaking of, I have some of them coming over tomorrow and my house is a wreck plus I need to go buy something to cook for brunch.
Have a great short week!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

what to write???

I am falling behind on blogging again! Ha ha!
We spent all weekend celebrating Christina's birthday. She had such a wonderful time with her friends who came over to sleep over Friday night. It worked out great since there were four of them. Most of you know how girl dynamics work. They had a blast. I watched the most creative, complicated, random, game of charades I think I have ever seen in my entire life. I guess it was a pretty good testament to how smart and creative these grils really are. :)
I got brave this year, and finally made cupcakes for Christina's class. It was nice to only have to make a dozen and a half. I still can't get over that she has less than 20 kids in her class. Then I made her a cookie cake, per her request for her party. I am happy to say it turned out much better than I had expected it to. :)  Jacob had to write a directional paper for language arts. She had them look up recipes and write them, then they got to make it all and eat it Friday. That was kind of fun. He'll make some girl a good hubby someday :)
We took Christina to Chili's for her birthday dinner, and they brought her ice cream, actually a milk shake and sang to her. She was so surprised!! :) I was trying to be sneaky about it, of course.
We had a great service this morning at church.  We have a MAPS team is here, and they are doing a super job on our renovations!! 
Well, I guess that sums up the weekend. I'm thinking I will make some tortilla soup tonight for supper. :) I have been craving it for weeks! 
Have a great week everyone! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

this morning's devotional

Wow, I am so behind on my reading, but enjoying Joyce Meyers' Bible study so much. This one is very profound and very true for today.
I have always heard my Mother say this and as I have grown older and hopefully a little wiser into my *cough* 40's, I have adopted the same philosophy.  God will help those who help themselves. I get so annoyed with people, and I know I shouldn't, when I hear them talk about their troubles and I don't see them doing an single thing to get up, and do SOMETHING to help themselves. I'm not saying God can't work a miracle in an instant to provide for a need. I am just saying that sometimes we need to take some steps toward what God wants us to do to achieve what we need. He will meet us somewhere along the line to provide for us. Anyway, I digress, but enjoy this word for the day. :)
As Joyce writes, we need to be encouraged to help others. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to minister to some of these young girls here. I have known that even though some of what I've been through is painful and embarrassing. It would come to be used for good at some point in my life! :) Thank you Lord for our trials!

Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life - a Daily Devotional

2 Corinthians 8:5 This was totally spontaneous, entirely their own idea, and caught us completely off guard. What explains it was that they had first given themselves unreservedly to God and to us. The other giving simply flowed out of the purposes of God working in their lives.

God Works Through People

One morning I was having my quiet time alone with God, and I said to the Lord, "God, how can You stand seeing all the pain, starving children, human trafficking, genocide, injustice, degradation, poverty, in the world and not do something?"

I didn't say it as a complaint or because I was questioning His integrity, and I don't even know that I was really expecting to get an answer, but I just asked Him. Immediately His answer came back: "I work through people. I'm waiting for My people to arise and do something."

You and I are part of an army, the body of Christ, and it's going to take everyone doing their part to change this world. God wants to work through us, and He's calling us to put on love and get to work.

In 2 Corinthians 8, Paul talked about how the churches in Macedonia gave, saying, "But first they gave themselves to the Lord and to us [as His agents] by the will of God [entirely disregarding their personal interests, they gave as much as they possibly could, having put themselves at our disposal to be directed by the will of God]."

That just amazes me, because they didn't just give their money, they gave themselves. God's calling us to live the same way. And one person working for the Lord has the ability to make a profound difference! So how will you give yourself to the Lord and be His agent today? 

Prayer Starter: God, I invite You to work through me. I choose to lay down selfishness and pick up love so that I can be used by You to change the world.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Owing and Spending

I started writing this about a year ago, and never published it. Well, as God would have it, the same thought entered my mind as I was working on my tax return for 2011 tonight. As I was loading the dishwasher I was reflecting on how we struggled financially in 2009 and 2010, but how amazingly God blessed us through that struggle. I didn't completely grasp the magnitude of what He did until well after. 
As most of you know, when we embarked on our journey as a military family we had to leave a house, unsold behind in Tennessee. It took us 2 years to sell it and that was working long distance from Texas. I am very thankful, even more so now that we were just two states away instead of a continent or two and an ocean away. God blessed us right before Christmas of 2010 with the sale of our home. It was a short sale, but it all worked out that because it wasn't a huge hit for the bank, the remainder of our loan was forgiven and I later found out that somehow the city and county property taxes were paid at some point during the transaction. (and not by us) I think I cried for two days straight after I called the county tax assessor's office to see about doing a payment plan and was informed that we didn't owe anything. In order to help pay down our debt, I had begun to work as a substitute teacher(not my thing) at the kids' school. In the beginning of 2011 I decided to get licensed to practice dental hygiene again in TX so I could do some fill in work around town. After a TON of paperwork and a couple of continuing education classes, I was able to get licensed. It worked out great, we had amazing friends who helped me with the kids after school if I was running behind and Keith wasn't home yet from day shift.

So, here is what I had written at the beginning of last year.
I've been trying to pray for guidance and direction in my quest to rejoin the work force and how to start digging out of this pile of debt. I haven't been doing very well with the praying part, I might add. As I was reluctantly thinking about digging out the Dave Ramsey books and working on a budget, FINALLY. God gently changes my focus as He often does. I took time to entertain the thoughts that were bouncing around in my head and put them to paper since they haven't wanted to go away in weeks!
Owing someone at some point in time is inevitable, just like being an American citizen and paying taxes. The question is ... how do we view the money? Yes, it is God given, but do we always honor that? I know I don't!! The same with spending. We have to spend money, just to manage our every day lives, food, clothes, etc. On that same note, think about time as well. I get so irritated with myself for NOT using my time wisely and being such a procrastinator!

I am so grateful that in 2011 God did bless my efforts to start practicing again and did bless us financially. Sadly, I still need help on the time management, and I still haven't done a budget, but I am making progress. God is so faithful. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

today's devotional!

I am reading Joyce Meyer's Promises for Everyday Life Daily Devotionals
Today's focused on living an life for Christ with boundaries. OUCH, as some of you know, I have dealt with that a lot throughout my life. I have also heard Pastor Wes preach on this recently.  

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

Boundaries Have a Purpose!

"Exercising self-control and self-discipline, and establishing boundaries and borders in our life are some of the most important things we can do. A life that has no discipline is one that's filled with carelessness.

The Word of God establishes the necessary boundaries to keep us in God's safety zone. It tells us what we can do, and what we better not do, to be safe.

As Christians we can think it's kind of exciting to live life on the edge. We like the image of "Yeah! That's me! Living on the edge!" It's become a popular way of looking at life. But to be honest, God doesn't want us living on the edge, because if we're living on the edge, then we have no margin for error.

Highways have lines, one on each side and one in the center. These lines provide margins for our safety while we're driving. If we go over the line on one side, we'll go into the ditch. If we cross over the line in the middle, we could get killed. We like those lines because they help keep us safe. 

It's like that in our personal lives, too. When we have boundaries, borders, and margins, we feel much better and experience God's peace.

The key is to go to God's Word, where He has laid out all the boundaries we need to live by. Let God direct your path every day.

Prayer Starter: God, I recognize the need for boundaries in my life. As I read Your Word, show me how to apply Your healthy boundaries in my life today."


Friday, January 20, 2012

Belated New Years Blessings(more like celebrations)

God really does care about the little things in our lives, even as much as he cares about the big things.
We ladies had a wonderful time in the Lord last night! Wow! We as a group were able to claim victory over our lives and celebrate that together.
Personally, God fixed something in me that has been broken for a long time. Last night I was able to get the best night's sleep that I have had in probably 5 months or so. It was so wonderful to be able to rest in God's peace.  However, the side effect is that I can't stop crying!!! LOL  It's ok though. I have spent the last 6 months trying to suppress my emotions to keep up the "happy" front up.  I have become so robotic in going about my life lately, that I had suppressed so much of what I was actually feeling. All the while justifying it in my head for the good of the family.  When I woke up this morning, it just hit all at once, but I LOVE being broken and open before the Lord. It may not be pretty, but it allows Him to come in and tweak those parts of your heart that need tweaking and heal those wounds that need to be healed! Now, hopefully, I can keep myself out of the way long enough to see what God is going to do or is doing in my life this year.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long weekends and yucky island weather ....

While we were thankful for the long weekend it wasn't great weather wise, but we managed. Friday we hung out and watched movies. Saturday Jacob and I went on a youth trip, while Christina and Keith got some Daddy/Daughter time in. The place we went to was called Round 1. It is this crazy, seven story, indoor recreation center that has, video games, virtual sports games, actual games, like basketball, badminton and batting cages, a roller rink, a little foam ball pit and foam ball guns, and playground for the little ones, oh even a real bowling ally. I am sure there are tons more but I just can't remember. It even has massage chairs in a quiet room for the Mama's! Yep, guess where I ended up! The crazy thing is that most everything is in Japanese. Thankfully, we had youth there to interpret for us, lol. I really didn't want to go at first, but I am so glad I did. I got to hang out with my new friends! :) Sunday, we went to church and just chilled at the house afterward. Worship service was pretty incredible. God has a plan for this year and I can not wait to see what it is! There are several opportunities for me to get plugged in here. I am just praying for guidance. I am just thankful for my new friends at Neighborhood. I just wish I could see them more than once or twice a week! Yesterday we just stayed in out of the rain. Well, they did, I went and got my hair cut and colored. I LOVE it! :) 
Today it is back to the grind. I had a ton of cleaning to do but didn't bother. I'm so bad! I know. I did get to talk to my Mother today and my Sister. So, that made it productive right??
Ok, so I am off to go figure out supper. Humm, I have ground turkey and taco shells, that sounds good! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Something to think about....

Raising children is always a challenge. Watching them grow, is amazing!!! Wow, I am so proud of my kiddos. Christina is the easy one for the most part, you almost always know what she is thinking and how she feels. Her teachers always have amazing things to say about her. She is so sweet, smart and outgoing. I had the privilege to help out in her SS class today. Wow, they had some great discussions and the way she answered some of the questions and the comments she made. I was blown away. We've raised them in church and I know they know what it is all about, but wow to see them first hand express what they know and have retained!! Jacob, on the other hand, likes to keep it to himself. Although, he has gotten better about it. He was 8 when we started on our adventure as a military family. He is 12 now and wow, it just hit me yesterday after the youth outing how much he was growing, not just physically but spiritually and mentally. He is such a good kid and so intuitive even.  It is like he matured over night!! It is always so amazing to hear his teachers talk so fondly of him. A handful, I am even blessed to call friends :)
God is so good!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday night!

Movies, video game and Manwich! :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

by the way ...

I simplified the lay out! :)
Blogger has come out with some new templates and the old lay out was cute but way too busy. I think I like this better, eh?? I am really beginning to like the new Google+ thing too!  I haven't really messed around on it much but I need to check out the Google talk as well.

*sigh* no work out today. I was a slacker but I did watch the football game. 
Speaking of ... Wow!! I can not believe Bama just walked all over LSU. I know the last time they played it was a battle of the defenses. I think LSU's defense forgot to show up, I feel sorry for my LSU fan family and friends because they just looked tired and defeated before the end of the first quarter. Hey you have got to love SEC football though right??? Go HOGS!

Let's see, the kids are great! Jacob is suppose to get confirmation on his Science fair topic soon, I hope! Christina is about half way finished with her quilt in quilting club! She has to pick a backing material or just use what the teacher provides. I can not wait to see the finished product! The will get to display them at school for a week or two then bring them home. I will definitely have photos! :) Speaking of, I need to make the Grandmother's their DVD's of the kids during the year. 

Oh! I got to talk to my Mom today! YAY, that really made my day. I felt like a jerk because it had been so long since I had talked to her, other than sending a note on FB. I even missed my parents' anniversary!! UGH! 
The sad thing is that Mom told me that Dad was watching the Cotton Bowl and was looking for Ryan Mallet at QB. *sigh*  However, the good news is that he may not always know where everyone else is but he knows where he is. I definitely need to start skyping more with my parents!

Ok, I guess it is time to figure out what we are going to have for supper. I'm thinking hamburger helper at this point. I have got to start planning meals better and cooking healthier if I am going to get my weight under control and hubby's cholesterol! Another plus of staying home these days! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


Happy Monday all! :)
We had a nice relaxing weekend. I took Christina to the movies. I ALWAYS forget that they play the National Anthem before our movies, but it is really cool to see an entire theater of people stand and put their hands over their hearts. 
We had a good service at church Sunday. I just love a Pastor who isn't afraid to get up and preach what is on his heart! 
Christina got up and went walking with me this morning. We walked the neighborhood even though she wanted to go to the track. I still haven't measured to see how far it was but we walked for a good 30 minutes. I have gotten back on SparkPeople. I love it! It is like weight watcher but free! It helps me to track every thing that I eat because I know if I have to write it down that I will just avoid eating it. I should have dug out my Wii Fit today and done some strength training but that is for another day. I'm so excited hoping to get this weight off and get healthy!  
I hope everyone has a great week!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Look out, I've been thinking ....

So, what is it about the New Year that makes us so philosophical?? It must be the freshness that January 1st brings us. Everyone planning NY's resolutions and all. Sadly, I always say I will do this or that, but never stick to it. Such is life.
At this point, all I can say for sure is that God is faithful. I can not wait to see what He has in store for our family in 2012. I have this recurring theme that keeps coming around. 
Until next time bloggies!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It is a New Year ....

....welcome 2012!!
Wow, I can NOT believe we have started a new year already. My, how time flies! Let's just see how the next 2 and 3/4 go, LOL.
So, we are in our little abode here on Okinawa and have gotten pretty much settled in. We made it through Christmas, enjoyed some time with K afterward and are now getting back into the school, work, and Mom routine. 
Wow, it has been so long since I have written anything on here, although, I do seem to be keeping up with my annual January report! ha ha. I am at a loss for words at the moment, believe it or not. The cool thing is that I added the iPhone app and can scribble, ok, awkwardly type in posts. That may not turn out well. We shall see. 
Let's see since we have gotten here we have survived four holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. The kids enjoyed Christmas break, although, they were really missing their friends back in SA. I was trying to keep them entertained. We saw Arthur Christmas, but missed Chipwrecked. We ventured off up north again and went to the Pineapple Park/factory. It was a really cool day trip. We had amazing weather which helped. I have gotten to where I love driving up north because the scenery along the coastal hwy is just beautiful. One of these days I am going to go up and stop at the look out spots and take photos. That is on my list of things to do along with going to the light house on the cape. :) We haven't made it down south yet to the WW2 park, or the glass factory. I heard today that the glass factory and the organized battlefield tour are a must do while stationed here. I am also making a list of things to bring back with me, lol. Ryukyu glass, a tea set, and chop sticks (not that I will ever use them). Driving here is still challenging, but luckily, a girl at the car shop told me today that it will take about a year before I feel comfortable just venturing out on my own. I have learned to keep Yen on me just in case I randomly decide to make a trip to the 100yen store or SanA. I have found that the most challenging thing about venturing off base is the language barrier and that the roads are not always clearly marked. These road signs here a just crazy. My brain is also not doing well converting miles into kilometers or feet into meters. Yeah, I don't do math.
Ok, hopefully, I will have something cooler to write about later. I have a few things bouncing around in my head.