Monday, May 7, 2012

wow it's been a while!!!

Since I last posted we have been through spring break and Easter!! My how time flies!! And now the end of the school year for the kids is closing in! I am so proud of Jacob and Christina. They have done very well and Jacob has made the honor roll two out of these three semesters here! He got invited to the NJHS! I don't think he went to the meeting though, grrr! That is ok, once he hits high school!!! He also got an invitation to take a high school level algebra class next year in 7th grade. What an amazing honor, but we really don't want to stress him out. Maybe 8th grade, if he feels he is up to the challenge. May is a busy month. I just have to figure out what to do when school gets out in June to keep us busy. Hopefully we can hang out with some friends at the beach or pool. 
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