Thursday, February 26, 2009

We went back over to the base today to get the kids registered for school! That turned out to be an all day ordeal because south TX requires children to be vaccinated for Hep A. Well we had to run over to Wilford Hall (the medical center) for that. That place is amazing ..... it is an entity in itself!. After we got that done it was the cafeteria for lunch then back to the school nurse. I am very impressed with the school. Mainly because the prinicple herself came out and spoke to us all. She wanted to warn me about the test coming up Tues for Jake. It is one of those state mandated reading assesment things. He should do ok, IF he takes his time. The drive from this side of town over to the base is going to stink, but at least we only have to do it for a week! Then they have spring break, lol.Well Keith is helping me with laundry today. I guess I had better get the kids stuff organized for school tomorrow!I miss you all already!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

OK, I have to start a blog of just "Jacobisms"! This boy is soooooooooo funny!!!

He got invited to go on a youth trip to see the Memphis Tigers with his oler cousins. He said he hoped to get good seats like when he went to see the Grizzley's with Tripp. Silly me ... I told him probably not and that they would be higher up in the "nose bleed section" I keep forgetting how literal my children are. Mom and I laughed so hard at him the other night. We were watching basketball on TV. Jacob starts talking about the Tigers game at the Forum. He told his Munnie that even though they sat in the nose bleed seats, neither he nor Austin got a nose bleed. You know he and I both get them alot .... he said.

I love my son!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My first week off ... and what a week it has been!
Monday was spent doing just random stuff. Tuesday I spent all day on the phone trying to find somewhere for us to lay our heads on the way down to SA Sunday night. That actually wasn't that difficult since I had pretty much figured that part out. The difficult part was finding a place to stay once we got to SA. I'm telling ya there wasn't a room anywhere near the base. Come to find out, that wasn't exactly a bad thing. With a little help from my sweet Uncle Ricky ... I soon found a Homewood suties in the north part of town. yay!!! So, it will be living out of a suite case for us for a while, but we'll get through it. At least I'll have K's laptop... hee hee hee!!!

I have to brag on my kids. I wasn't feeling well last night. They were so sweet. I laid down in bed waiting on them to get thier baths. Well next thing I know it is an hour later and they are in the living room watching TV before bed. Jacob is so funny! He told me to go back to bed, lol. I think they really wanted to go to bed on thier own. They had actually already planned to make me breakfast this morning too. I let them anyway. They made a mess but who cares. They are such sweethearts!!!

Oh yeah, and Christina's birthday is next Tuesday, so I am having a couple of her friends over Friday night. This should be fun!! Pray for me!!