Thursday, February 26, 2009

We went back over to the base today to get the kids registered for school! That turned out to be an all day ordeal because south TX requires children to be vaccinated for Hep A. Well we had to run over to Wilford Hall (the medical center) for that. That place is amazing ..... it is an entity in itself!. After we got that done it was the cafeteria for lunch then back to the school nurse. I am very impressed with the school. Mainly because the prinicple herself came out and spoke to us all. She wanted to warn me about the test coming up Tues for Jake. It is one of those state mandated reading assesment things. He should do ok, IF he takes his time. The drive from this side of town over to the base is going to stink, but at least we only have to do it for a week! Then they have spring break, lol.Well Keith is helping me with laundry today. I guess I had better get the kids stuff organized for school tomorrow!I miss you all already!!!
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