Wednesday, April 29, 2009

something to think about

The Pastor of the church we have been attending started a sermon series two weeks ago called "Living in an Aquarium" it has turned out to be quite interesting and relevent for this time in my life. The first sermon was on cleaning your tank. Yes, exactly what you would think. Sunday he talked about not cluttering your tank. Wow, God has delt with me for a long time on this. I am amazed how freeing it has been to not have the responsiblity that I have had in the past. I have had time to think and reprioritize my life. I am so loving this.
This morning I read a great devotional on rest. We think so many times that we have to run run run and do ... not that doing for the Kingdom is a bad thing. We just need to stop take a breath and think on God and rest in him. Of course we also need physical rest for our bodies and minds to function correctly.
Now, I just hope I can remember all of this for ABF Sunday morning!

What's new

Well, let's see.... it has been so long, I don't know where to start!
Christina's class had a felid trip to the Zoo last Friday. That was a lot of fun and I was sooooooo tired after. The girls in my group were great. Most of the time they listened and stayed with me. I had one that kept kind of wandering off. It did rain on us a little. I had the umbrella just in case. I am still irritated that my camera battery died that morning! Of course I did not have any extras on hand!!
Jacob had his first baseball game Sat. He is doing so much better. We took him to the batting cages to practice his hitting and get his timing down. He did great with the softballs. I think the baseballs scared him because the first cage he was in was pitching inside and he got hit. Poor thing got popped in the same arm in the same spot in the game! I don't see them getting a whole lot of hits this year since this is the first year for kid pitch. We'll see. We have game two tonight against our neighbor kids team, lol.
Did I post about Jacob getting glasses? I think I did. He looks so handsome in them.

I am in the process of shopping for a new computer. I really really really want a Mac. Ya know after you start comparing prices and what you get on them, there isn't much difference.
Ok, I'm off to pick up a few things that I forgot at the store yesterday! WEEEE

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekly update ... hee hee

OK, while I'm thinking about it I may as well post something! HA

I can not believe that Easter is this coming Sunday! Luckly there is no shortage of things to. There is an Easter egg hunt here on base over at the club. The church we have been attending is also having a big Easter festival thing. They have a sunrise service scheduled at the parade grounds here on base Sun morning. So, we'll be busy. I think they are also having a lunch at the one of both of the dining halls. That will be nice for the trainees here.
Last weekend we spent most of our time doing nothing. The kids played outside most of the day Sat. Sunday they had a water balloon fight with the nieghbor boys. It has been great being able to allow them a little more freedom than we could ever have in Memphis. We don't let them run all over the base housing, but they are allowed to play out with the kids on our street. I got tickled I looked out Sat and there were about 15 kids in front of my house. Some of the bigger kids even walked over to see what ours were up to. I think at that point they were playing soccer in our front yard. We have one of the flatter front yards on the street. The kids really enjoy it. I like our neighbors around us. The kids are all about the same age which helps. I got tickled. I met my neighbor across the street's hubby Sunday and he was amazed. They moved in back in Oct and were just about the only ones on the street. He comes back this spring and we all over the place! There are still several units on our block empty though.
Oh great I just forgot where I was going with all of this.
Oh yeah, I took the kids to see Monsters vs Aliens Sat. It was a great movie. Definatly one to buy and add to the collection.
Ok, I better get going so I can get something accomplished aaround here. I guess I better go see if Keith wants to get up.
Have a great Easter everyone!!