Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blessed beyond measure

As I have been reflecting this morning, i can't help but go back to last night's worship rehearsal. We have this local man who comes in to watch the praise team rehearse almost every week. I think it is pretty awesome that he seeks out opportunities. Last night as we were doing our devotional we got to pray with him. He doesn't speak any English but our friend who speaks Japanese invited him to come over and she translated. Y'all know me and as it was my turn to pray, I not only had to clean up my Southern accent to Terumi could understand me, I also had to make an effort to be more deliberate and slow down my speech. At first I thought Lord, I can't do this. God is so faithful I calmed down and was able to get out concisely what I wanted to say. Although the best part was getting to pray for him.
How amazing is that?? Sadly in the states so many churches are robbed or worried about being broken into during services that they have become leery of letting people just wander in.
Yet here we are living in a foreign country surrounded by people who can barely understand a word we are saying, or in this case singing, and someone wanders in off the street just to be in the presence of our great God.
What a blessing to witness that kind of hunger?
Lord, let me hunger for more of you!