Friday, June 26, 2009

This week!

I can not believe that we have two more weeks then we are headed home for a visit!!! This summer is really going to fly by!
Kimbie and the boys were here this week. I am worn out from the running, but we had a blast! I didn't realize how much I had missed them until they showed up! The boys are all a foot taller than me, and I know that is not saying much, LOL. The funniest thing is that they are like a bunch of locusts. I have no groceries left in the house. Kimbie has always said that the boys ate a lot, but man I never realized how much damage three growing, starving teenage boys could do to some food! I didn't mind of course!! We went to Natural Bridge Caverns Sunday, spent all day Monday downtown. I managed to get us lost, imagine that. I think I finally know my way around downtown now, maybe. We did see the Alamo! Now I can say I've seen it. Hee hee! We took a river taxi around most of the River Walk. I think the kids and I will go down and take a boat tour sometime, especially since I now know that I can go park in the Mall garage ..... hee hee.
I got my kids signed up for swim lessons! YAY! Ironically, Christina was swimming around yesterday with out her vest! YAY again. I didn't realize but if they go all the way through to level 4 they can try out for the swim team. I guess we'll see what happens.
I am completely behind on my laundry and need to go grocery shopping, so I guess I had better get off this computer and go do something constructive.
Have a great weekend all!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer break!

Wow, you would think that I have been too busy to post in here, huh?
The kids are enjoying their break from school. The boys across the street have gone on vacation and they are trying to find something to do. They have been hanging out with the girl two doors down. Kimbie and the boys are coming in tomorrow! YAY!! It will be nice to spend a few days with them. The kids and I are planning a trip to the mid-south (AR/MS/TN) next month. We're excited. It will be nice to get home to see everyone. I'm gonna have to stay three weeks just to make my rounds, lol.
I'm trying to think what all we've done since schools been out. We spent one morning at the Zoo. Which was nice because it wasn't as busy or hot. We actually got to see some things this time around that we didn't get to see before. Last Sat we went to Sea World. We saw Shamoo and the penguins but that was about it. It was so crowded and hot that you could barely move through the place. We are going to try a weekday first thing in the am.
Jacob's baseball season ended on a terrific note. They won their last two games!! The cool thing about one of the wins was the other Lackland team who had beat the snot out of us twice in a row!!! He really enjoyed it! I'm glad because he did improve through the season. Christina keeps saying that she wants to play soccer. Sign ups are the first week of July.
I am going to sign them up for swim lessons Tuesday.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I had to take the kids to the dentist this week. Jacob needs a baby tooth taken out and Christina needs to go see an Oral Surgeon to have a mucocele removed. YAY .... NOT! Luckily Jake could get in before we left town. I am hoping Christina can get taken care of before we head home!
OK, I have to put away some laundry take a bath and put myself to bed!
Night all!