Saturday, May 17, 2014

What Women Think .....

I had you there for a second right? Seriously, I have no clue what I am thinking half the time.

See, I digress.

After watching Moms' Night Out with the girls yesterday I had had a couple of thoughts running around my head. So, yes I am gracing you with my presence in blog world today.

I tell you, I could relate so much to Ally in the movie. I have sat in front of this computer so many times thinking to myself. "What am I going to blog about? No one is going to read it anyway." and so on.
If you haven't seen the movie yet, GO NOW! I was so proud to sit through a well made, entertaining Christian themed movie. What topped it off were my amazing friends that I got to hang out with.

So, a couple of things I brought from it.

  • We women are incredibly hard on ourselves. We think we should be Wonder Woman or something because we are suppose to have it all together and be "with it" at all times. Yeah, right! Girls, that is not going to happen. We all have our moments, and we all want to run away and hide, and that is OK, we are allowed to have feelings. Just because we are caring for tiny humans, who grow up to be as big as we are, doesn't make us any less human.

  • We women need to stick together. We are women and we do tend to be a little catty and judgmental, for some reason God chose to make us that way. My theory is that it is a self defense mechanism, but that is just my thinking. Ladies, stop it and stop it now!! We need to stick together. So what if one of the girls can't breast feed(huge pet peeve of mine). So what if one of the girls can't sew or doesn't like to sew. So what if she chooses to work or HAS to work to help provide for the family( this is another soap box I could hop on very quickly) So what if she is a single Mother. We need to be more supportive and loving of each other and quit trying to rip each other apart!

  • We are all God's Masterpieces, as she says in the movie. We are wonderfully and fearfully made by the Lord almighty himself. We are each our own unique person and that is the coolest thing ever to me! He made us in all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities. So what if we don't look like the supermodel that we use to. So what if we are carrying a few extra pounds after the baby. So what if we have a few more grey hairs than we use to. (Ok, that last one is still a little difficult for me to deal with.) We are all beautiful in His eyes and He loves us. No matter what! He loves us! If we can wrap our heads around that and just hang on to it! We just need to be comfortable and healthy in our own skin and quit looking at everyone else.

We are always right where we need to be, nestled safely in the Father's arms! Remember that on the days where you just want to run away from home. On the days where you seem like you are running 100 miles and hour and going no where, on the days where your child/children and fighting you on every little thing. We all have an oar in this boat and we are all paddling in the same lake. 

Now, go, Mommy On and savor every moment!! 

Be Blessed y'all!