Wednesday, April 29, 2009

something to think about

The Pastor of the church we have been attending started a sermon series two weeks ago called "Living in an Aquarium" it has turned out to be quite interesting and relevent for this time in my life. The first sermon was on cleaning your tank. Yes, exactly what you would think. Sunday he talked about not cluttering your tank. Wow, God has delt with me for a long time on this. I am amazed how freeing it has been to not have the responsiblity that I have had in the past. I have had time to think and reprioritize my life. I am so loving this.
This morning I read a great devotional on rest. We think so many times that we have to run run run and do ... not that doing for the Kingdom is a bad thing. We just need to stop take a breath and think on God and rest in him. Of course we also need physical rest for our bodies and minds to function correctly.
Now, I just hope I can remember all of this for ABF Sunday morning!
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