Friday, February 6, 2009

OK, I have to start a blog of just "Jacobisms"! This boy is soooooooooo funny!!!

He got invited to go on a youth trip to see the Memphis Tigers with his oler cousins. He said he hoped to get good seats like when he went to see the Grizzley's with Tripp. Silly me ... I told him probably not and that they would be higher up in the "nose bleed section" I keep forgetting how literal my children are. Mom and I laughed so hard at him the other night. We were watching basketball on TV. Jacob starts talking about the Tigers game at the Forum. He told his Munnie that even though they sat in the nose bleed seats, neither he nor Austin got a nose bleed. You know he and I both get them alot .... he said.

I love my son!!!
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