Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My first week off ... and what a week it has been!
Monday was spent doing just random stuff. Tuesday I spent all day on the phone trying to find somewhere for us to lay our heads on the way down to SA Sunday night. That actually wasn't that difficult since I had pretty much figured that part out. The difficult part was finding a place to stay once we got to SA. I'm telling ya there wasn't a room anywhere near the base. Come to find out, that wasn't exactly a bad thing. With a little help from my sweet Uncle Ricky ... I soon found a Homewood suties in the north part of town. yay!!! So, it will be living out of a suite case for us for a while, but we'll get through it. At least I'll have K's laptop... hee hee hee!!!

I have to brag on my kids. I wasn't feeling well last night. They were so sweet. I laid down in bed waiting on them to get thier baths. Well next thing I know it is an hour later and they are in the living room watching TV before bed. Jacob is so funny! He told me to go back to bed, lol. I think they really wanted to go to bed on thier own. They had actually already planned to make me breakfast this morning too. I let them anyway. They made a mess but who cares. They are such sweethearts!!!

Oh yeah, and Christina's birthday is next Tuesday, so I am having a couple of her friends over Friday night. This should be fun!! Pray for me!!
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