Saturday, February 11, 2012

what to write???

I am falling behind on blogging again! Ha ha!
We spent all weekend celebrating Christina's birthday. She had such a wonderful time with her friends who came over to sleep over Friday night. It worked out great since there were four of them. Most of you know how girl dynamics work. They had a blast. I watched the most creative, complicated, random, game of charades I think I have ever seen in my entire life. I guess it was a pretty good testament to how smart and creative these grils really are. :)
I got brave this year, and finally made cupcakes for Christina's class. It was nice to only have to make a dozen and a half. I still can't get over that she has less than 20 kids in her class. Then I made her a cookie cake, per her request for her party. I am happy to say it turned out much better than I had expected it to. :)  Jacob had to write a directional paper for language arts. She had them look up recipes and write them, then they got to make it all and eat it Friday. That was kind of fun. He'll make some girl a good hubby someday :)
We took Christina to Chili's for her birthday dinner, and they brought her ice cream, actually a milk shake and sang to her. She was so surprised!! :) I was trying to be sneaky about it, of course.
We had a great service this morning at church.  We have a MAPS team is here, and they are doing a super job on our renovations!! 
Well, I guess that sums up the weekend. I'm thinking I will make some tortilla soup tonight for supper. :) I have been craving it for weeks! 
Have a great week everyone! 
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