Tuesday, February 21, 2012

another year older

Wow, I can't believe I really am another year older. Almost half way through my 40's. What happened??? Where did the time go? My first overseas birthday even! :) Keith and the kids got me cards and a new purse. I got over 100 happy birthday wishes on facebook! How crazy it is that????  I am so blessed to have so many friends from all over. Crazy thing is, we really haven't lived that many places yet!!
We spent the long Presidents Day weekend hanging out and ended up taking the kids to Round 1, which was a blast!! It was so much nicer when there weren't a lot of people there, like on a Sat.
I am pretty impressed at the work we got done at the church too!! I am enjoying getting to know my new friends.
Speaking of, I have some of them coming over tomorrow and my house is a wreck plus I need to go buy something to cook for brunch.
Have a great short week!

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