Monday, February 27, 2012

ok, so I'm dwindling down to once a week now.....

Well, our weekend was slow, with yucky weather and a sick child. All of which are not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Christina was sick with a fever, apparently some kind of viral thing. She had a horrible headache Sat afternoon which worried me. Of course a few hours later and she spikes a fever. Go figure. So, she and I spent Sunday and today at home. Man, I hated missing church too. She is all better now. Running around like a crazy person tonight. I'm thinking she has cabin fever. I don't blame her, I do too. Even though we got out today. I took her to get a strep test done. It still cracks me up that the military doesn't have a quick strep test, you have to wait a week. Although, I guess in their eyes it's a waste of money since you'll have to do the week long culture to double check anyway. *shrugs* What do I know anyway, right?? ha ha  We're assuming it will be negative since she hasn't shown any symptoms. I just can't wait until our new PCM sees her tonsils! I loved watching the residents at Lackland. They always cracked me up. I started out warning them, the it became a game to see what kind of reaction they would have to seeing how huge they actually are. :) I know I'm bad right???? I can't help it, it's that medical professional sense of humor. We're just twisted.
So, we spent the weekend watching it rain and watching movies and playing games. Christina bought a Mancala game with some of her Christmas/Birthday money. It is actually quite addicting! 
it's just another manic Monday! :)
Have a good week all!!
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