Saturday, January 14, 2012

Something to think about....

Raising children is always a challenge. Watching them grow, is amazing!!! Wow, I am so proud of my kiddos. Christina is the easy one for the most part, you almost always know what she is thinking and how she feels. Her teachers always have amazing things to say about her. She is so sweet, smart and outgoing. I had the privilege to help out in her SS class today. Wow, they had some great discussions and the way she answered some of the questions and the comments she made. I was blown away. We've raised them in church and I know they know what it is all about, but wow to see them first hand express what they know and have retained!! Jacob, on the other hand, likes to keep it to himself. Although, he has gotten better about it. He was 8 when we started on our adventure as a military family. He is 12 now and wow, it just hit me yesterday after the youth outing how much he was growing, not just physically but spiritually and mentally. He is such a good kid and so intuitive even.  It is like he matured over night!! It is always so amazing to hear his teachers talk so fondly of him. A handful, I am even blessed to call friends :)
God is so good!

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