Tuesday, January 10, 2012

by the way ...

I simplified the lay out! :)
Blogger has come out with some new templates and the old lay out was cute but way too busy. I think I like this better, eh?? I am really beginning to like the new Google+ thing too!  I haven't really messed around on it much but I need to check out the Google talk as well.

*sigh* no work out today. I was a slacker but I did watch the football game. 
Speaking of ... Wow!! I can not believe Bama just walked all over LSU. I know the last time they played it was a battle of the defenses. I think LSU's defense forgot to show up, I feel sorry for my LSU fan family and friends because they just looked tired and defeated before the end of the first quarter. Hey you have got to love SEC football though right??? Go HOGS!

Let's see, the kids are great! Jacob is suppose to get confirmation on his Science fair topic soon, I hope! Christina is about half way finished with her quilt in quilting club! She has to pick a backing material or just use what the teacher provides. I can not wait to see the finished product! The will get to display them at school for a week or two then bring them home. I will definitely have photos! :) Speaking of, I need to make the Grandmother's their DVD's of the kids during the year. 

Oh! I got to talk to my Mom today! YAY, that really made my day. I felt like a jerk because it had been so long since I had talked to her, other than sending a note on FB. I even missed my parents' anniversary!! UGH! 
The sad thing is that Mom told me that Dad was watching the Cotton Bowl and was looking for Ryan Mallet at QB. *sigh*  However, the good news is that he may not always know where everyone else is but he knows where he is. I definitely need to start skyping more with my parents!

Ok, I guess it is time to figure out what we are going to have for supper. I'm thinking hamburger helper at this point. I have got to start planning meals better and cooking healthier if I am going to get my weight under control and hubby's cholesterol! Another plus of staying home these days! :)
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