Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Pope

It was quite interesting watching the Pope be, installed, would you call it, this morning. I had never paid much attention to it before. He seems like a great choice for the Catholic church, just from what he said is his speech and what the commentators on the news station said as well. Even though, we see things differently, and worship very differently, I really do hope that this Pope is a Pope of the people like they are saying. I hope he can bring unity into the Catholic church. They are a hurting people and God does love them.
My observation as I watched though, was kind of an ah-ha moment. It is no wonder that so many of the Priests have failed and fallen. They are placed on too high of a pedestal. One can only hold to that high of an expectation for so long. It hadn't really clicked with me how legalistic Catholics are until now either. I am not knocking my Catholic friends by any means, but when you think legalism you mostly think if the United Pentecostal or Apostolic denominations. 
Anywho, that is my bright observation for the day. 
Again, please, this blog entry was not designed to offend anyone. Just the ramblings off of my ADD brain! :)
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