Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy, busy me :)

Well last week was a busy week and so was the weekend. This week is shaping up to not be so bad. :)
The weekend was truly amazing though. Friday was the women's monthly meeting and it was incredible. We had lots of new faces, yay! I have a strange feeling that I wont be asked to head a table again anytime soon though. I totally blew it! :(
Saturday we went to work at a local bilingual school. We have a couple of people from church who work there. This school was one of the first on island and was built by a missionary group. A lot of the students come from homes where the parents want them to  go to college in the US. Little do they know that a lot of the students who graduate from there end up in ministry of some sort. Watching the older students from the school was just amazing. Our youth interacted with them well. It is pretty awesome to see that teen angst is universal! The kids took a break from working and even went out to play soccer. They were so fun to watch. So we cleaned, painted, rearranged, and even made signs. I really hope we get to go back over and help them out soon! I think it is the coolest thing that we have a mission field right out our front door. 
Yesterday was a great Sunday except for the fact that I felt bad. 
So this week seems a bit low key, which is good. I have got to get myself motivated to get to work on straightening out this office! UGH
Have a blessed week everyone!!
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