Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kon Nichiwa from Okinawa, Japan


Ok so my Christmas newsletter did not get out in the cards this year, so, I am blogging it this year!

What an adventure this year has turned out to be! We found out this summer that we were moving to Okinawa, Japan. We started making all the necessary preparations to leave San Antonio, and were on our way late October. It has not been easy leaving family and friends half way around the world but thank goodness for the modern technologies today! We are able to keep up with everyone via internet, emails, SKYPE, and most especially facebook. 

We arrived on the island late Friday Oct 21st and have been busy since. We are now in our base house, and have gotten our first small shipment of items. We are hoping our big shipment will be here before Christmas! 

We are all getting settled in. Keith is learning a new job and is enjoying the challenge. His coworkers are great! The kids both love their schools!! I am so proud of both of them. They have both gone in and been able to adjust and jump right in!! Jacob loves being the big 6th grader in middle school and enjoys his new schedule and classes. Christina, my social butterfly, has jumped right into her 3rd grade class, and is acting as though she has been here all year long!! She has signed up for quilting club, which will start up after Thanksgiving break. She is so excited! She has also started Stars!! Yes, we found an AG church here on the island. It is an international mission church. They are an amazing congregation, who really care about each other. The Pastors are very supportive of their military family. 

As for me, I’m the glue that keeps us all together and organized! HA!! I am learning everyone’s new schedules as well as trying to get things organized around the house for now. I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to jump in and get busy.

Our hearts are warmed by the memories we have of each one of you. May the Lord bless your home and may you have the merriest Christmas and happiest 2012! 

Until next year, 

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