Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Monday.....

I can not believe the weekend is over. Time has just been flying by!
Sorry it has been over two weeks since I have updated this thing. I finally looked up how to add a title so you all can actually read the updates. Anywho, we have been busy around here. I am trying to remember what all we have been up to since I last blogged. School is going well. We actually have parent teacher conferences this week. I've never had to attend one. I'm glad they do this here though. Just so we can get to know the teachers and see how the children are progressing.
Last week I spent most of my time unloading boxes. I have most of that finished. I still have to organize, or reorganize most of it. Friday Keith and I spent the day running errands. He had to run over to the hospital so I went with him. I got to meet his boss. She was very nice. Then we ran over and donated blood. I had forgotten how big those needles had to be ... eek! It was well worth it though. Especially since I am not one of the most common types. If they can not use the blood here in the US they send it immediately over seas, where it is greatly needed. Later we took the kids out to eat supper. Saturday morning we took the kids bowling at the base bowling center. What a hoot!! Jacob is so funny because he gets so frustrated if he can't immediately pick something up. He got better as we went along. Christina, well, she tried. We had a good time anyway. Yesterday we visited another church. I think the kids really liked this one. I liked the children's Pastor especially. Keith and I also enjoyed the sermon. They didn't have a choir, but they said they were looking for a new music minister. Apparently that is why they are going to add a traditional service in the morning. We shall see what happens. I know the kids are getting a little tired of us dragging them from place to place on Sundays.
Today is cleaning day! I am trying to get it all done today since Keith is working today and tomorrow then off for two days, but works this weekend.
Poor Keith hurt his knee during the move, so he got placed on PT restrictions. He is hoping to go see the physical therapist this week.
I did make the kids dental appointments today! YAY! Jacob is going to the Orthodontist tomorrow.
Well, I better stop writing before I make this entry so long, you get bored and quit reading, lol.
Have a great week!!!
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