Friday, January 6, 2006

Well 2006 has arrived. YAY!! It was nice to actually feel good about a new year this time. I spent this New Years eve contemplating and going over the years events and realized that a year really does make a difference. I can't believe that Keith and I, especially, have made it this far. I really never thought that he and I would make it back to that proverbial beginning. I just hate it took him getting sick to do it. As I always say, things happen for a reason and apparently God decided that He was going to bring us closer together no matter how much of an attitude we each had(mostly me). Of course, had we not faced all of the opposition before his illness, maybe we wouldn't have grown as close to each other as we have. I suppose that will make some good material for another blog.

OK enough babbling, I just thought I should get something posted, LOL.
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