Sunday, August 4, 2013

Really need to get back to bloggin!

I say this all the time, LOL!!
I can't believe summer is almost over, or that I am working again!!
The job is completely out of my element, but I think I will love it. I have a lot to learn, still. I have to keep telling myself that if I feel confident enough to run and dental practice I should be able to manage being a church secretary!! RIGHT????
School will be starting back in 21 days. I know the kids are excited. I feel kind of bad that I have kind of ruined the end of their summer though.
OH well, they will live right??  Jacob is busy with baseball, and Christina will start soccer next month.
One more year and we are off of Okinawa and back to the US. I know God is preparing the way. I just have to be patient and not push it. 
Have a blessed day!
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