Thursday, October 18, 2007

There was a word given about God last night in Bible study saying that he sees our hands reaching to him. I tend to get so wrapped up in my "LIFE" that I feel as though I'm in a frantically treading water in lake of water up to my chin and the only thing sticking out is my head and my hand. God was so awesome to show me that he is paying attention even when I feel I am not worthy of his attention.
That also leads me to several things that God has brought to my attention through out this Bible study. This one has been great. I have had to dig deep and pull out some things. Obvioulsy last night really hit home. I wanted to stand up last night and shout amen during her talk about guilt and shame associated with sexual sins. I have learned that the major players on an addictive personality are guilt and shame. You absolutly do wear them like a second skin. Satan does get the biggest kick out of knowing that and using it to throw our past right back at us. It was so freeing at the end when we all stood and verbally stated that we are daughters of the King. I had also never thought about God warning us before we do something that we know will eventually have a bad outcome. God did that with me several times and I didn't listen and it has almost cost me the thing I love the most, my family.
I'm sorry this was so long! When God prompts me to start writing sometimes it goes for a while.